I only recently discovered the Pagan world, December 1997 to be exact. I was never able to chose one of the organized Christian religions; instead, i jumped from church to church. I even went to Catholic mass. When I started studying Paganism, particulary Wicca, in December, I was amazed at how much of the information I already knew and felt inside. It explained a lot of my beliefs and feelings that tended to be foreign to the Christian religions that I had been a part of. Here is some infomation that I hope will be of use to other people and help dispel some of the rumors out there.
A poem I wrote in tribute to my new discovery.

Our Song

Waves drum the shore
Overgrown and primitive.
Breezes strum the reeds
Thin and yielding.
Earth's children gather
On water, air, and soil
To dance to her music
To sing her song.

A song of wisdom
Of times forgotten.
A song of hope
Of times to come.

The song is a mother's gift.
A gift to all her children.
When confusion reigns,
It will soothe and comfort.
In times of uncertainty,
It will teach and counsel.
Many hear but do not listen.
It is ours, our mother's gift.

A song of wisdom
Of times forgotten.
A song of hope
Of times to come.

Blue Unicorn
Jan 1998

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